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#HAPPY420: Top 5 best stoner quotes ever

Happy 420 everyone!!!

Goodness gracious I wish I could be a stoner - hahahaaha ... I'm too ADD, man. It's like go go go go go do this do that ... and I'm actually really fucking good at making sure I follow through on things too - I don't just sit there with the ideas, I can at least break 'em down into doable actions. But yeah! I'm not mad at pot. Dig it on the beach with a beer and friends ... or dudddeeeee vaporizers ... good lord Cali weed is nuts, 2 hits out of a bong of Kush and I'm done. Like doner than done - there's no pleasure in that for me. It's not even like a good sleep either!! It's like oh there I am and whoops exhale ... goodnight. I don't get it. Not for me ... but either way, I've been researching some of the top stoner quotes online and feel free to use 'em as #overheard today! HAHA!! =) =) =)

5. You guys, my mom is calling! Can you smell weed through the phone?

      - Paranoid Stoner

4. They lie about marijuana, tell you pot smoking makes you unmotivated, LIES! When you're high you can do everything you normally do just as well, you just realize it's not worth the fucking effort.

     - Bill Hicks

3. I used to do drugs, I still do, but I used to too.

     - Mitch Hedburg

2. You got a joint man- David Wooderson

    No - Mitch Kramer

    Well it would be cooler if you did- David Wooderson

1. Did I hit this yet, man?

     - Every Stoner Everywhere


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Evancy: what time is it?
Ludovick: Ten to four!
Evancy: so its 3:90 p.m
. \Baked/

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